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FAQ / Knowledge Base

Are suppressors legal in my state?

42 states currently allow civilian ownership of silencers.  If you live in CA, DE, HI, IL, MA, NJ, NY, or RI, it's time to call your reps and senators because they don't think you should own a suppressor.

What do I need to do to buy a suppressor from you?

You will need to locate an NFA dealer in your state of residence, aka "class 3 dealer", to handle the transfer.  Not all dealers handle NFA items so you will need to ask them if you are not sure.  Once you have created an account, and we have approved it, you can place an order.  Once the order is completed, we will contact you for any other information needed regarding your transferring dealer.  Then, we will begin transfer paperwork to your dealer and ship your suppressor to them once we have received transfer approval from the ATF (currently 30-35 days processing time at the NFA branch).  We will send your form 4 with the general information completed for you to answer the personal questions and add your fingerprints and passport-sized photos (ask your local dealer for the best place to get printed/photos in your area).  You will ultimately be responsible to submitting your form 4, accompanying fingerprints/photos, and $200 tax to the ATF.  You must be a resident of the United States, reside in one of the 42 states where civilian ownership is legal, be able to legally purchase a firearm, be able to pass an ATF background check, and be at least 21 years old to obtain a suppressor (18 if not purchasing from a dealer).

To be sure the ordering process goes smoothly, please read the basic steps given below. 

Note: We are only able to ship suppressors to properly licensed FFL dealers who maintain a current SOT.  There are no exceptions for civilian sales. 

·        Login or create an account (we must approve it before you can order).

·        Add items to your cart, go to checkout as normal.

·        Select or add your billing address, click continue

·        Click “Select dealer to send order to” (dealers select send to self)

·        Fill in the name and phone sections at minimum (contact and email would be helpful, but not required), click continue. We're having issues with this section coming through with your order so please add it to the comments sections as laid out in the next step, as well.

·        Please select Credit Card for your payment method (dealers may use check), also add your dealer's name, phone and/or email in the comments section, click continue.

·        Review your order and enter your card info, click continue/confirm order

Who is Silencer Inc.?

We are a group of military veterans and current and former law enforcement officers who have teamed up to provide the best combat capable silencer at the best price available.

What is Silencer Inc.'s Mission Statement?

To suppress every rifle in America by providing a high quality silencer at an affordable price.

How can Silencer Inc. build and sell a 5.56 silencer for $300 when other manufacturers charge $1,000 or more?

Silencer Inc. provides the least expensive silencer you will find.  We have squeezed every bit of fat out of the research, design, procurement, manufacturing, marketing, and sales cost to deliver the highest quality silencer at the lowest possible price.  We produce two models which are based upon the same design.  Our research and development doesn't include inventing exotic ways to mount a silencer to a barrel - threads work just fine.  We don't machine a bunch of geometric shapes into your silencer that do nothing other than drive up production cost.  Our baffles are precision machined from the finest grade of stainless steel available, not cast from a cool sounding expensive brand name Cobalt based steel with half the yield strength that don't perform any better.

How does Silencer Inc. help protect my investment?

The Doomsday by Silencer Inc. is designed to separate the welded baffle stack from the serialized part. If any damage occurs to the baffles, they are easily and quickly replaced, getting your Doomsday back into the fight.

How quiet are they?

In our internal testing, the Doomsday 5.56 and .30 suppress comparably to the "top tier" silencers on the market costing 4 - 5 times more.

What are your dB reduction numbers?

We don't publish our internal test numbers for a number of reasons.  This article explains it better than we can.

Is the Doomsday full auto rated?


What full auto isn't?

Getting the silencer so hot it turns red (about 1200 degrees), usually accomplished with a belt fed machine gun or using a automatic rifle as if it were a belt fed machine gun.

What are our silencers made of?

All Silencer Inc. silencers are made of 17-4 PH Stainless Steel.  At better than twice the yield strength, 17-4 is far superior to the 316 stainless steel used by most manufacturers.  In fact, 17-4 is stronger at 600 degrees than 316 is at room temperature.

Why does material matter?

Strength, durability, safety.